Making The Rabbits Safe In Winter

Published: 30th September 2010
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Making the rabbits safe in winter can be a challenge. Like extremely hot weather, very cold weather can be bad for your rabbits. During winter, a lot of rabbits freeze to death in spite of their fur that naturally provides them with insulation. A lot of them can also suffer from cold related sickness and if left untreated can cause death. Here are things that you can do when the weather gets well below freezing.

To make the hutch safe from the cold weather and strong winds, it must be located in an area where it is adequately sheltered. A tin roof is appropriate in cold weather. The hutch must be well made with wooden and wire materials intended to help keep the hutch warm. To make this possible, a canvas covering must be provided. All the sides of the hutch must be covered during windy days and cold nights.

The number one thing to avoid is getting the rabbits wet. In spite of their fur, once their bodies become wet, rabbits will have a hard time to keep their bodies warm. Their skins must always be kept dry and warm to keep them from getting cold. All water containers must be secured to the side of the hutch so that the rabbits cannot step on them and spill the contents. For this reason, wire flooring is necessary. It allows spilled water to directly fall to the ground. Hutches are constructed with trays placed under to hold waste matters. Just empty it regularly to keep the hutch clean.

Providing the rabbits with water during winter without freezing it is a challenge. Sometimes you fail to see that the water has been frozen inside the container and the rabbits have already gone without water for hours. To keep this from happening, use only dishes or containers that have wide openings for your rabbits’ drinking water. To make it even more effective, heat the container before putting water in it.

A well sheltered hutch will help keep the water from freezing, just be sure to check on it every once in a while. A nesting box should be provided for the rabbits to let them have a place to sleep in that will help in making them warm. Lining the box with straw will make it more comfortable for the rabbits.

Keeping the rabbits warm during the cold months is necessary so that they will survive. It is up to you to provide them with a safe place to stay during the cold months of winter.

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