7 Places Where Bacteria And Germs Can Exist

Published: 07th October 2010
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Bacteria and germs are microorganisms that can exist anywhere. Every surface can be a ground where these organisms can live and multiply. Our kitchens and bathrooms are the most common places where we are aware of their existence but there are also other places and things where they can exist. Following are just 7 of these items.

1. Can you remember how many times in a day do you touch your makeup? And can you remember the time that you cleaned it? This is because we often overlook the fact that germs can also cling to our makeup case and we must therefore clean it as frequently as we could.

2. Your cell phone also needs constant cleaning since it is the thing that we most frequently handle day and night. The bacteria that can cling to it can be transferred to our face and lips as we receive a call.

3. Our handbags are also places where bacteria can exist not just because we put it anywhere in restaurants and public restrooms but also of all the things that we put inside it which are also bacteria carriers. Cleaning it once a week can help in reducing our chances of getting sick due to exposure to germs.

4. Lemon slices that are offered at restaurants can be full of bacteria as they are usually handled by a lot of people.

5. Vacuum cleaners help us get rid of the dirt that have stocked up in our homes therefore they are sure to be swarmed with bacteria and germs. Purchasing a vacuum cleaner with a disposable bag is a good solution to the problem.

6. If you are using a contact lens then the case where you keep them can also have bacteria on it. Always clean it using the solution and never use water.

7. Your laundry is also full of bacteria. Dirty clothes especially underwear are sure to carry E. Coli bacteria which can make you sick. Always wash them in hot water and leave in the dryer longer than 45 minutes to make sure that the germs are killed.

These 7 places where bacteria and germs can exist are only a few of the many other places that these microorganisms thrive. The food we eat if not handled well can also make us sick. For a healthier and disease free life, practice cleanliness and proper handling of food.

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